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As a change maker you spend most of your time thinking about how you can help and improve your community, city or the world.

Often that's at the expense of taking time to look after yourself and to stop and reflect on who you are, what sits behind the decisions you make and how your values are driving your actions?

Our coaching conversations are a space for you and just for you. We'll focus on what you need for yourself as well as what you need to keep and grow your motivation to change the world. We do this through talking through your own personal goals and what's holding you back from reaching them.


About me

I’m a qualified coach working with change makers taking action to shape our world for the better.

I'm also a passionate campaigner with over 15 years experience of leading campaigns and working with campaigners to make change happen. 

I'm also a keen hiker, lover of nature and the outdoors, and baker of the best carrot cake.


“If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart”



Rave reviews

Happy clients

I found the session really helpful and especially liked the format of walking and talking - fresh air and green space make talking and thinking easier.

I recently left my job and had been going round in circles trying to work out what my next step should be. It was so helpful to take my thoughts of my own head and look at them constructively and I gained greater clarity of what my options were and what was preventing me from acting on what I really wanted to do.

Result - I'm now signed up to the course I always wanted to do and the future already looks more exciting than it did before! Thank you Esmee!


I always found that Esmee listened with compassion and kindness and at the same time was able to get me to focus on how I would like things to be and what I could do differently to create changes in my life. As well as being able to set goals and agree to specific actions, Esmee provided the space and time for me to explore issues, in order for me to come up with the solutions myself. That was what I found to be most powerful. Thanks Esmee


Receiving coaching from Esmee was a life changing experience. Her calm, honest and straight forward approach put me at my ease and enabled me to explore and learn things about myself that I hadn't thought possible.

The experience opened me up to new ideas and thinking and lead me to put in place practical changes that are still positively impacting on the way I live my life today.

I would recommend Esmee to anyone who wants to uncover the positives in their lives and put the negatives behind them



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