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What's awareness without action?

A strong part of my own identity is as a campaigner/activist/slightly rebellious person. Whichever label you attach to it I’m someone who takes action to help bring about change with and for others.

When I’m wear my campaigner hat (it’s definitely a figurative hat, as I don’t wear hats) the hairs on the back of my neck prickle slightly whenever anyone speaks the following words ‘we need to raise awareness - if more people know about this then they will do something about it.’

And what causes my hairs to prickle is that it doesn’t work this way - just because we know something doesn’t mean that we take action in response to it. For example, I know the every week I should do over 2 hours of vigorous exercise and strength exercises - do I, erm, not always. And I know I’m not alone in knowing something and not acting on it.

But when I wear my coach hat, I always get excited when a client says they want to explore a topic or that they want to understand more about something. This made me wonder, why do I dislike it when we talk about raising awareness for campaigning but I get excited when it is part of coaching?

And the difference is, in coaching exploration, or awareness raising, is always done with the intent of creating a change. When I coach and a client asks to explore, we then work out how the exploration will be useful and how they will use the information. So from the very beginning we are working out how the exploration will help create the change the client is looking for.  

So simply put awareness without action is just new information - but no change happens.

Are you looking to create change in your life? If so, do get in touch.

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