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Want to Coddiwomple?

As we get closer to 2020 many of us begin to think about our goals for the year – whether you call it a resolution, a bucket list or a yes list – it is a way of setting our intention for the year. Goals are helpful, they help us focus on what we truly want, keep us motivated and can help break down huge tasks into bite size pieces.

But, what if (like me) you feel a resistance to setting a resolution just because everyone else is or what if you have an idea about your goal but want to take a little longer to research it and define? Then it’s time to coddiwomple.

So,what is Coddiwomple? It means to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

Coddiwomple is not only a great word but brings our focus to living in the present and the journey itself. A goal helps us with focus but how we get there also matters. Travelling in a purposeful manner for me makes me think about what I do every day to get to where I want to be – whether that’s taking time to help others or approaching each day with a smile and a positive attitude.

Taking time to Coddiwomple could help you focus on what matters to you today and how you want to be present and enjoy the moment. And you can find a few extra tips here

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