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Are you calling time on Covid-19 bingo?

We’re four weeks into lock down and I’m wondering how many of you have: made a sourdough starter, become a yogi, mastered whipped coffee, become fluent in Spanish and knitted a whole winter wardrobe. This is, of course, on top of working from home, supporting family and that small thing of coming to terms with a global pandemic.

I’m not sure how you feel, but I feel exhausted from just reading this list and my shoulders are feeling weighed down by all these expectations. And that’s before I’ve made put my pasta dough aside to prove.

When lock down began, my inbox and social media channels were full with ‘helpful’ tips on how I could fill all my extra time – now that I’m not commuting or spending hours (well whole days ) out  hiking.  

At first, I responded with excitement, I couldn’t wait to do all these things which I’d never had time to do - and I began to join in the Covid-19 bingo game. I then stopped, took a breath, and noticed that I was swapping one form of busy for another form of busy, and I was doing it because of this expectation to be productive rather than because I wanted to.

Since then, I’ve called time on Covid-19 bingo and I’m wondering if you want to join me? I now concentrate on the things which boost my energy, bring me happiness and enable me to continue to help others. I spend my time being rather than doing – I take time to notice the sun or wind on my face when I walk, I connect with my community and yes, I am working on being a yogi.

If you’d like space to call time on Covid-19 bingo and work out what you want to do rather than should be doing, get in touch

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